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Basics Regarding A Hair Replacement System In Pittsburgh

What used to be a taboo subject outside of a doctor’s office, is now the topic of conversation from late night television commercials to discussions around the water cooler. When a man struggles from hair loss there is a number of remedies that they can pursue. There are three main types of treatment men seek for getting their youthful locks back on their head. If you are interested in Hair replacement system in Pittsburgh, there are relatively easy options to pursue.

There are three main ways to fix hair loss. The first option is with synthetic hair that you could either purchase a full wig of or many men opt to save what little hair they have left and purchase a toupee. Neither solution is the best for a natural look but it does give men extra confidence when they suffer from hair loss.

Medical ointments are another route that men use to treat hair loss. There are the over the counter products, but if you are interested in a higher strength in the ointment then it only comes with a prescription. If you are really serious about restoring your hair in some fashion and speaking with a doctor doesn’t scare you, then surgical transplants as well as scalp reductions are possible.

So what causes men to need a Hair replacement system in Pittsburgh? How come women don’t suffer from the loss of hair like men do? The hair growth on the head seems like a natural process continually reproducing on average, every three to five years. Did you know on average that a person has nearly 125,000 hairs on their head?

The hair consists of the shaft, the root and the follicle. The hair is dead above the shaft and there are only a few living cells at the base of the root. While physical stress, diet, medications or even hormonal changes can cause hair loss, there is one culprit that is to blame for 95% of all hair loss.

A hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia is what causes both male and female pattern baldness while it generally affects more men. The good news is that the blood supply to the follicles is still thriving so it makes for a good candidate for different hair replacement therapies.

Not worrying about your thinning hair or bald spots. Visit the website their custom hair replacement systems are the best, non-surgical method for restoring your lost hair.