Are You Properly Hydrated?

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Health, Healthcare

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Do you feel weak? Have you been pushing it lately and not really caring for yourself? Perhaps last night’s party took it to the limit. You could be dehydrated. Being dehydrated can really tax your strength and your ability to do much about it. Rehydrating can take hours if you just drink water to increase your intake of healthy fluids. There is a quicker way that can help you rehydrate without leaving home. When you use iv therapy offered by caring facilities, you can schedule iv hydration in Los Angeles. Rehydration therapy provides basic fluid and electrolyte resuscitation for complete rehydration.

Get the Hydration of Several Glasses of Water Fast

The best way to replenish and hydrate your body is with IV hydration from the convenience of your home. When you need iv hydration at home there are considerate facilities like IV Oasis ready to provide you with stellar services. Schedule an infusion ahead of time so you can stay hydrated after working out at the gym or taking a long run. If you know you will be engaged in a party that involved heavy drinking, schedule an IV infusion to rehydrate the next day. You will be able to feel the benefits instantly when utilizing a basic infusion of .9% sodium chloride and .45% sodium chloride.

Party without the Consequences of Dehydration

Would you like to party the whole night without worrying about feeling completely crummy the next day? When you have a pre-party IV infusion you can party while at your peak performance and maintain the stamina level you like. Intense social activity takes strength and stamina. It is very easy to get wrapped up in moments of extreme hilarity, fun and joy and suddenly feel tired. Keep your energy boosted ahead of time with vitamin infusions of Magnesium and Vitamin B12 so you don’t miss any of the fun!

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