Are You Contemplating Animal Cosmetic Surgery for Your Dog

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Veterinarian

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Two of the more popular cosmetic procedures for canines are ear cropping and tail docking. These types of surgeries go back to ancient times. While ear cropping, historically, was done to improve a dog’s hearing or to prevent ear infections, it is performed for different reasons today.

Ear Cropping for Dogs

Today, the procedure is performed to give a dog a certain look or to meet breed standards for dogs. Dogs that often have their ears cropped include Doberman pinschers, Great Danes, or Boxers.

Docking the Tail

Tail docking was done historically to avoid work-related injuries in working breeds. Over time, the practice was directed toward meeting breed standards for pedigreed show dogs. This type of animal cosmetic surgery should not be confused with amputation of the tail. Amputation is recommended to remove a tumor at the site or to manage an injury.

An Intraocular Prosthesis

A lesser known animal cosmetic surgery for your dog is the placement of an intraocular prosthesis. This prosthetic device replaces a dog’s eye when the eye has either developed a tumor or is in a painful state. The prosthesis, which is nonvisual, is placed inside of the eyeball after the non-working contents are removed.

When the Prosthesis May Not Be Needed

The prosthesis, which is made of silicon, is indicated for medical reasons while tail docking or ear cropping are done nowadays for cosmetic purposes. The decision to have the prosthesis placed is often based on a dog’s coat color. The animal cosmetic surgery may not be performed if the dog’s coat is a darker hue, as a missing eye is not as noticeable. The same holds true for dogs with furrier faces.

Where to Obtain Further Details Online

You can learn more about cosmetic surgery options by visiting or by setting up a consultation to discuss the procedure at a convenient time.

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