Advantages of Pet Vaccinations, Choose a Veterinarian near Harwood Heights

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Animal Health

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Almost everyone with a pet has heard that pet vaccinations are essential. However, some people in Harwood Heights may still think that vaccines are unimportant or strange. However, your pet can contract a variety of diseases or viruses that can harm them severely if they aren’t vaccinated appropriately. Your veterinarian can help you choose which vaccines are right for your pet to keep them healthy and safe.

Save Lives

Amazingly enough, getting your pets vaccinated can save their lives and others. They build up enough resistance against diseases that can require hospitalization and multiple treatments. Along with such, they can prevent the spread of disease to other animals in the neighborhood. For example, rabies and distemper are two common ailments that can lead to death. It is also easy for your pet to transfer these diseases to other animals. The veterinarian can help you decide which vaccines your pet needs to be based on their age, lifestyle factors, and medical history.

Keep Them Safe

Some people worry that vaccines can cause side effects and other problems. While side effects can be common, such as redness at the injection site and swelling, they are generally safe. In most cases, the side effects go away within a few days, which means your furry friend doesn’t have to worry about getting a disease or passing it on to others. Likewise, it can cost a lot more money and time to treat diseases than it can to prevent them. It’s best to go ahead and get your pets vaccinated as recommended by your veterinarian to ensure that they can live a happy and healthy life.

Pet vaccinations protect your pet from a variety of diseases and illnesses. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic near Harwood Heights at  to learn more about their services. Follow us on google+.

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