Advantages and Facts about Lifestyle Lift

by | Feb 4, 2013 | Cosmetic Surgery

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The older you get, the chances are that your face starts to loosen and sag a little and eventually your jaw line and cheeks are droopy. Luckily, this can be corrected before it reaches advanced levels through a Lifestyle Lift Cincinnati OH. When you visit a cosmetic surgeon, you can discuss all the available options to get the lift done. Your surgeon should have present knowledge on the recent methods being adopted so as to give you that natural look and have your skin firmly pulled back.

The lifestyle lift is one of the procedures carried out to restore your youthful skin. The lift has several advantages which makes it very popular. They include the following:

* One of the best advantages is that the lifestyle lift is very affordable. Compared to most cosmetic procedures it is cheaper and thus makes it a better option when it comes to getting face lifts done. The procedure should be worth your money and you make sure of this by going to a qualified specialist even if it might cost you a bit more.

* After you have had any form of surgery, you will want to stay at the hospital the shortest time period. For the lifestyle lift, the recovery period is much less and thus making it a common option among the clients. The surgeons recommend all the options that can be done and then give the patient the chance to choose; weigh options depending on the merits and demerits of each procedure.

* During surgery, anesthesia is used which makes the procedure delicate. The lifestyle lift Cincinnati OH takes a period of an hour under anesthesia. This particular surgery can be performed with the use of local anesthesia thus minimizing on the complications which could be encountered.

* Apart from the advantages, the lifestyle lift does not replace the normal face lift. In some cases it can be done hand in hand to achieve the desired results. The viability is determined after a thorough examination by the cosmetic surgeon. Persons who have started observing aging effects qualify for the procedure and also the elderly but who are still in good health.

* After the lifestyle lift, post-operative care is very important. You should avoid heavy work activity, and if you have to wear makeup, avoid putting it on the incisions. This helps keep off infections. You can even resume work if you are able to but if there is bruising or swelling, you can take time off to heal and take the prescribed medication.

* If you have any problems, be sure to contact your surgeon for more information especially if the incisions are not healing as they should.


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