Your Obgyn And Your Pregnancy

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Health

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Pregnancy is wonderful. It can also be a time in your life when unusual side effects accompany fears. There are many medical professionals, but one that numerous Salt Lake City women rely on during their pregnancy is their obgyn.

What Is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist?

Obstetricians/gynecologists are medical doctors. They have undergone specialized training in the treatment of women’s health concerns, including every aspect of pregnancy. Obgyns focus on:

  • Pregnancy – includes such complications as gestational diabetes and multiple pregnancy
  • Labor
  • Birth/delivery – including C-sections
  • Postpartum period

Statistics indicate, at least 90 percent of pregnant American women prefer Obgyns.

Role of an Obgyn

Obgyns play an important role throughout your pregnancy. They cover the routine as well as the extraordinary. They monitor your pregnancy and arrange for such things as an ultrasound and/or an amnioscopy. During a “normal” pregnancy, initially, you can expect to see this medical professional once every two or three weeks. As your pregnancy advances, the visits will become more frequent. During the last months, you will see him or her weekly.

As your due date nears, your Salt Lake City obstetrician/gynecologist will examine your cervix. He or she will note any changes, using this information to estimate how close your labor actually is. During this time, you may open a discussion on whether you want the doctor to induce the baby. Usually obgyns, and other medical professionals, find 2-weeks post-due date to be the time to perform this action unless the situation indicates otherwise).

Pregnancy and Your Obgyn

Carrying and then having a baby can be quite stressful. You need to be able to have a medical practitioner who is an expert in this field. You also need to have a Salt Lake City doctor you can trust. While midwives and obstetricians can handle this natural life process, one of your best options is still an obgyn.

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