Your Foot Doctor On Preventing Ankle And Foot Problems

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Health

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Those who have trouble with their feet and ankles may visit their family doctor. They may, in turn, direct them to visit a foot doctor, also known as podiatrist. A specialist in foot problems, treatments and options, a podiatrist can not only help you discover what is wrong, but also work with you to address the causal factors. In other words, a podiatrist can help you prevent foot and ankle problems.

Preventing Ankle and Foot Problems

A podiatrist is a specialist in addressing ankle and foot problems. The experience and expertise in this area qualifies them to diagnose and treat the problems affecting your ankles and/or feet. While correcting the problem is important, foot doctors in Chatham also understand the importance of preventing the problem from occurring or reoccurring. Their goal is to make sure their patients and the public are aware of the common causes of ankle and foot problems. They want them to understand that they are preventable.

Podiatrists support the education of people on this matter. They list and elaborate on the basic causal factors including:

Improperly Fitting Footwear

Most podiatrists place the wearing of improperly fitting footwear at the very top of the list. The decision to wear ill-fitting shoes can result in the formation of bunions, calluses and Achilles tendonitis, to name a few foot ailments. While women remain the most prominent and prolific offender, men are also guilty of this action.


Your feet can only support a certain weight before they exhibit various medical problems. A foot doctor knows overweight and obese individuals are endangering the health of their feet with every pound they gain.

Type 2 Diabetes

While you may not be able to prevent the onset of various medical issues, you can avoid others. Type 2 diabetes is one such problem that invites a variety of medical issues. Among them is diabetic foot. Like type 2 diabetes, it is avoidable through watching weight gain.


Many traumas to your feet and ankles are not avoidable. They are accidents, pure and simple. However, you can suffer from various foot problems such as sprains and strains because you fail to minimize the potential for damage. You may wear shoes that are not suitable for the sports you are playing. You may push your body when it needs to rest. You may also be an occasional or weekend sports player. This latter group stresses by either not properly stretching or preparing for the event or by overdoing it.

Your Foot Doctor: Treating, Guiding and Preventing

A podiatrist receives training on how to treat foot and ankle problems. They also understand that they have an ultimate responsibility: helping people learn how to prevent the occurrence of the problems in the first place.

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