WOW That’s One Cool Sculpture In New Jersey

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Cosmetic Surgery

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I was lunching with a friend a few weeks back and, while I was munching on a big juicy burger & fries with all the trimmings and looking forward to washing it down with a super large soda, she asked if I had heard about the latest Coolscuplting In New Jersey? I have to admit that the burger was taking up most of my attention so I muttered something about what a shame it was that those ice sculptures looked so great when first put out on the buffet table but then looked sad as they melted away.

I Got The Wrong End Of The Stick

“Ha ha” she replied and went on to say that she was talking about “fat freezing”; to which I had to agree that they did last longer and I had always wondered what sort of fat they used – was it butter or was it margarine? This made her laugh longer and it began to dawn on me that I had to be way off base on this; my next thought was that there must be some sort of show at one of the trendy art galleries nearby where some really “cool” works of sculpture were being shown – more laughs!

Then she looked a tad embarrassed and nudging my, somewhat tubby, thigh, she explained in detail that she was refereeing to the latest slimming technique recently introduced at our health and wellness medical spa.

Cool Sculpting®

It seems that she might have been politely trying to tell me that I was losing my personal battle of the bulge(s)! And that, by Coolsculpting In New Jersey, she meant a patented fat removing treatment called cryolipolysis®. A process that was developed out of research for Harvard Medical School and made available to clinics by a company called Zeltiq® Aesthetics, Inc. under the trade name of Cool Sculpting®.

It is still relatively new and only received FDA approval in 2010. The basic principle for Coolsculpting In New Jersey is that cold is precisely applied to your body areas containing any unwanted fat. The temperature is not so low as to damage skin and tissue but it is cold enough to break down the lipids – lipids being the medical term for your unwanted fat. There is absolutely no pain, no sedation and no known risks associated with the treatment. You go into the spa, read a book, or watch a movie for about an hour and then leave and go about your business. Apparently, it takes around a month for your body to dispose of the dead fat cells and the new slim you to emerge.

I was interested, I tried it and it works. Visit us online for more details website.

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