Why Should Parents Get Night Guards For Kids?

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Dentist

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In Washington, parents manage their child’s oral care by bringing them to local dental professionals. The dentists assess their teeth and determine if the child has any issues that could lead to discomfort or tooth damage. Dental professionals provide devices such as night guards for kids to correct common conditions and protect the teeth.

Preventing Tooth Damage

The night guards can provide a cushion in between the teeth while the child is sleeping, and they protect the teeth from damage. Children may grind their teeth while they are sleeping and awaken with sore jaws and headaches. The mouth guards can lower the impact of grinding and stop the child from experiencing this pain and other symptoms.

Lowering the Onset of Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches can result from dental issues associated with the jawbone and related conditions. The dentist will review the patient’s jaw to determine if a mouth guard could lower the frequency at which they experience these headaches. For some, it is the placement of the jaw itself that causes the pressure that produces these headaches.

Fighting Sleep Apnea

Teens can experience symptoms due to sleep apnea which can make it difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep. This condition is caused by either a deviated septum or the position of the jawbone; however, a dentist can provide the teen with a night guard to readjust the jawbone and help the teen sleep. The guard can adjust the jaw and increase airflow into the lungs.

Protecting Dental Repairs

Night guards are often used to protect recent dental repairs as well, and if the child has TMJ, the guards are a vital necessity. The guards mold to the patient’s teeth and prevent pressure from causing tooth damage. This stops further tooth damage and can lower the chances of tooth loss.

In Washington, parents can acquire devices that provide extra protection for their child’s teeth, and these devices can reduce symptoms of common conditions. The night guards can offer extra cushion between the teeth and reduce pain and discomfort as well. Parents who need to acquire night guards for kids can contact Lewis Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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