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Why Functional Medicine In Miami Dade County FL is Right For You

Achieving overall wellness can be difficult in our fast-paced lifestyles. Having one or two stressful factors in your life is extremely common for many people today, making us more susceptible to stress and illness. What we need sometimes may be a break, a breather, or something else tied to our overall wellness. This is what functional medicine in Miami Dade County FL tries to teach us.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a branch of non-traditional medicine that believes in the interconnectedness of the individual with the environment, and the effects of our surroundings on us, and vice versa. It looks not only at the physical ailments of an individual, but other aspects of their lives as well. This includes their diet, exercise, and intake of other substances. It also considers their relationships, for instance, with their loved ones, and how this may affect their emotional lifestyle.

Lifestyle change is common in functional medicine. Since it looks at how an individual interacts with his or her environment, some internal reflection is also necessary in order to ensure that the person is getting the right type of support that they need. And sometimes, what people may need is not necessarily a pill, but something that addresses an underlying illness.

How Does it Work?

Functional medicine may make use of methods such as detoxification, or homeopathy. Since functional medicine takes into account that each individual is bound to experience disease differently depending on their history and genetic makeup, it also develops treatments that are particular to patients. This unique approach is tied to the idea that a patient is affected not just by the disease when it hits their body, but also by other factors, such as external stressors that people rarely take into account.

When asked if functional medicine in Miami Dade County FL is for everyone, the answer is yes. There are plenty of factors that functional medicine explores, and this involves specializing in the individual experiences of patients. For more information visit New You Medical.

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