Why Clients Choose Holistic Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers in Orange County CA

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Addiction Treatment Center, Health

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Orange County CA beauty and climate attract many visitors, but, unfortunately, its advantages also make it the ideal place to party. As a result, the State has a higher-than-average drug and alcohol abuse problem. It is an extremely popular destination for college students who want to party during breaks, and its long coastlines make for easy drug smuggling. As a result, there are a lot of people who are seeking effective drug and alcohol treatment centers in Orange County CA; and The River Source centers are providing solutions for many. The facilities, which focus on a holistic approach to addiction treatment, offer benefits that include:

EFFECTIVE DETOX: Professionals at The River Source use a combination of naturopathic and medical treatments to detox clients in approximately 3-10 days. Physicians prescribe medicines to keep clients as comfortable as possible. They are offered a comfortable, nurturing environment and are treated using a combination of massage, saunas, meditation, and other holistic methods.

LONG TERM ADDICTION TREATMENT: Addiction is caused by underlying factors, so many clients choose long-term treatment that helps them get to the root of their problems. It also helps them through withdrawal, and provides ongoing care. The professionals at drug and alcohol treatment centers in Orange County CA monitor and support clients, and help them redefine their lives. Treatment is tailored to each client, as their mental and physical needs change and evolve.

COUNSELING: The River Source provides several types of therapy and counseling. These are included as part of drug and alcohol treatments, and are offered to those who need help with issues that include depression, grief, anxiety, and pain management. Clients may choose one-on-one  or group sessions. Family and marriage counseling is available, as well as trauma counseling. Many patients also receive neurofeedback treatments, which can expedite healing for a variety of symptoms.

LIFE COACHING: Clients can take advantage of life coaching sessions, that can help them improve specific aspects of their lives. These may include getting a new job or promotion, finding a life partner, starting a business, and more.

Although Orange County CA has a high rate of residents with substance-abuse problems, the state also has some excellent treatment centers. These include facilities that offer holistic detox and addiction treatment, as well as counseling, life coaching, and much more. For more information contact Jacob’s Mission Rehab Healing Centers.

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