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When You Need To Seek Emergency Care In Queens

Taking yourself or your child to the emergency room at the hospital at any time is very expensive. No matter how much or how little your insurance will pay for the visit, it is still expensive for somebody so it is probably best to avoid going to the emergency room unless it is absolutely necessary. But when it is necessary? When is it safe to wait until you can go to your regular physician and when do you absolutely need to be seen?

Obviously, if you are in a life or death situation, then you absolutely must get emergency care in Queens no matter what your financial situation or the cost. Due to the law in the United States, people who cannot afford emergency care can still receive help and then work out the financial issues later. Such life and death situations would include difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain, or chest pressure, weird heartbeats, fainting or dizziness. These signs are typically associated with heart issues and these simply cannot wait for the next morning or even another hour or two. Even if you were to go into your doctor’s office during the day with these symptoms, they would simply send you to the emergency room anyway.

Also, uncontrolled bleeding is a sign that you need to get emergency care in Queens. Even if the bleeding is not really extreme but the cut is extremely deep and will need stitching, then you need to be seen. If you can get into your regular doctor’s office, they can usually stitch up a wound, but if the bleeding is extreme, then get into the emergency room because they can offer transfusions and hospital admission if absolutely necessary to keep you alive.

However, many people think that a high fever is reason to take small children into the emergency room when most of the time this is not true. Fever is just indicative of the body fighting some sort of bacteria or virus and as long as it can be brought down by anti-fever medications then it is all right to wait until you can get the baby or yourself into the regular physician during daytime hours. Of course, if it is a Friday evening and you would have to wait three days to be seen, then it is worth getting into the emergency room right away. Also, there are instances such as after an immunization when having a high fever can be a bad sign, so always follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to getting emergency care in Queens.

You should always be aware of what situations require that you receive emergency care in Queens based on your age, your overall health, and your physician’s policies. Always consider carefully whether you really need to be seen and receive emergency care in Queens, but do not delay at the risk of your life.