When A Ticklish Nose Gets You Down

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Health

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We’ve all been driven almost insane by a ticklish nose. And that ticklish nose could strike seemingly at any time of year and, for that matter, at any latitude/longitude combination.
To say that “we all” have been afflicted may not be strictly true; but the truth is probably not far from that assessment.

A ‘ticklish nose’ is something you cannot ignore, no matter what proprietary medication or ‘wonder cure’ you try; your ticklish cough will fight back and it will run its course no matter what. All the cures from grandma’s medicine bottle to the latest ‘miracle cure’ or palliative on the market will let you down after, at best, a brief period of respite. So staying calm and buying a box of tissues is good general advice.

But what if … that ticklish nose does not subside of its own accord?

Whether you’re in Napoli, Italy or Naples in the USA, you may eventually need a nose doctor. That’s someone who really can get to the core of your particular problem.

But first let’s take a look at what a ticklish nose can have in store for us:

sinusitis, nasal obstruction, allergic rhinitis, and nasal lesions could all follow that ticklish nose. As the patient you may complain of a “stuffy nose,” rhinorrhea, epistaxis, frontal or maxillary headaches, “pain in the nostrils persistent postnasal drip, nasal discharge, general malaise, aching or pressure behind the eyes, or toothache-like pain”.

If you seek medical advice from a nose doctor in Naples, you are likely to be asked some or all of the following questions:

* Have you bought ‘over the counter’ medicines
* Have you had recent sinus infection
* Have you had surgery on your sinuses
* Are you suffering from respiratory infection
* Do you suffer from nose bleeds
* Do you have fever or headaches

And, of course, the usual question would be, “Do you smoke?”

When a doctor has assessed your condition, you may be prescribed one or more of the following if you have acute sinusitis: antibiotics, decongestants, saline nasal spray and, maybe, even steroids. For chronic sinusitis it is more likely that a decongestant will be prescribed by the nose doctor Naples area and one or other of a variety of nasal sprays.

In the case of actual nasal obstruction, magnetic resonance imaging or a special scan may be required. But the chances are that all you will be required of is to have a rather large handkerchief, a box of tissues, a few lozenges, and a lot of patience until the natural course of events restores you to your usual glowing self. In Naples you can take comfort from the fact that a nose doctor can always be consulted.

If your nose is becoming less of a breathing device and more of a pain, consult a qualified nose doctor in Naples. Visit us.


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