What your Houston Salon Wants You To Know

by | May 25, 2015 | Health

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Hairstylists wished that you knew about a few of the tips they can tell you. While it’s hard to know what people already know or aren’t sure of, it can be helpful to remind yourself of the various tips your Houston Salon wants you to know.


Most people don’t realize that for new, healthy hair to grow, you need to get a trim every two months or so. You shouldn’t wait until you have a split end because it is too late. When the hair splits, the hair shaft will continue splitting until the hair falls out or breaks. As more and more hairs do this, the bottom will look scraggly and thin because there’s less hair. To combat this, get a dusting, which is no more than half an inch of your hair cut every two months to remove split ends so the hair can continue growing right.

No Magic

There is no magic when it comes to hair. While it may seem that the products your stylist uses are magic potions, they are just the best options for your hair. They don’t have magic in their fingers and can’t do magic tricks, but can use the right products for your hair. If you like how it feels and looks afterward, find out what they use and purchase some to use every day.

Professional Products

Again, there isn’t magic, so when you go to a drug store or wherever you purchase your hair-care products, you aren’t finding the best, salon-quality options that are available to you. A cheap knockoff may seem to have the same ingredients, but they are inferior ingredients nonetheless, meaning you aren’t getting salon quality from a drug store.

Coloring and Lightening Are Different

Most people don’t realize that the process of coloring or lightening is different options. Coloring means placing molecules of color on the hair shaft. Lightening, such as frosting, blonding and highlighting means removing color molecules from the hair, which makes it look lighter.


While it may hurt, tips are an important part of hairstyling. You wouldn’t take a cab without offering a little extra, and you shouldn’t allow people to work with your hair without offering a tip, either. You can go with the percentage system if that’s what you prefer, or give what you can, just give something.

A Houston salon does much more than cutting and styling. However, they want you to know various tips that can help you look even better. Visit Marbella Spa and Salon today to learn more.

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