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What You Should Know About The P-Shot In San Diego, CA

In California, cosmetic clinicians provide health-related treatments that are beneficial to men’s health. Men who are over 40 and experiencing erectile dysfunction have an alternative treatment option instead of medications and testosterone. The procedures take less than one hour and offer exceptional advantages. A local clinician provides the P-shot in San Diego CA for men who have erectile dysfunction.

How are the Procedures Completed?

The P-shot is administered in a clinical setting on an outpatient basis. The clinician takes a blood sample from the patient and separates the platelets from the blood. The clinician might apply a numbing agent on the penile tissue to prevent discomfort. The shot is administered into the penile tissue directly for maximum benefits.

Why Do Men Prefer the Treatments Over More Traditional Measures?

Men who have received the P-shot previously recommend it over more traditional erectile dysfunction measures. The treatment is all-natural and doesn’t require them to plan ahead and take medication. It doesn’t involve everyday shots that become painful and alter their mood. Men get the full benefits of the treatment without the worry of sudden drops in their blood pressure or an increased risk of a heart attack.

Is the Procedure Covered Under Health Insurance Policies?

Most major medical insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic treatments. However, due to the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction, some insurers might deem the treatment medically necessary. Men are advised to check with their insurer before scheduling their procedure and determine if they have access to coverage through their plan.

What is the Recovery Time for the Shot?

The patient doesn’t experience any downtime after the procedure. They can return to their normal daily routine immediately. However, doctors recommend at least a four-hour waiting period after the injection to have sexual intercourse.

In California, cosmetic procedures aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. Men undergo procedures to assist them with hindering conditions, such as erectile dysfunction. Among the treatments available to men is the P-shot that offers benefits, including an increase in size, stamina, and long-lasting erections. Men who want to learn more about the P-shot in San Diego CA are encouraged to visit  for more information right now. You can pay a visit to the Facebook page for more information.