What You Should Know About Interferential Therapy

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Chiropractic

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For many decades, many tests have been performed to ascertain the effectiveness of several therapeutic procedures that use electric current to treat common body pains, musculoskeletal conditions and other body problems. This led to the invention and subsequent acceptance of Interferential therapy (IFT). The therapy utilizes controlled electric frequencies to stimulate certain body parts such as nerves without causing electrocution.

How it works

Generally, it involves passing electric current at controlled rates to specific points in your body. Some tests done on a healthy human body using electrocardiography and electromyography showed that your body cells and tissues give off electrical impulses ranging from 0 to 100 Hz. This shows that your body is a good conductor of electric current, and can therefore allow flow of current to the whole body.

Two medium-frequency currents of, say 50 Hz, are applied to your body and increased gradually. As the frequency of the current increases, skin resistance to flow of current decreases and allows the controlled frequencies to effectively stimulate your body muscles. However, effective treatment can only occur if the two currents intersect at a point directly above the area to be treated. Only a qualified therapist can be able to achieve this without causing damage to the human body.

Where it is applied

This method of treatment has been proved to provide significant effect in:

1. Relieving specific body pains like lower back pain.

2. Stimulating the body muscles. It can be used to provide almost the effect gained by doing regular physicals. However, this method of physiotherapy cannot be used as an alternative to normal physical exercise.

3. Treatment of edema

4. Enhancing blood flow in the body

Advantages of using this kind of therapy

Some of advantages of using this method of treatment include:

1. It is safe as healing originates from the body.

2. It is not necessary for patients to experience intact sensation.

3. Deep-seated lesions can be treated easily.

However, this method of musculoskeletal conditions has the problem of causing patients to feel considerable discomfort on the skin.

If you have any musculoskeletal conditions, consider consulting an Interferential Therapy specialist from Elswick Chiropractic & Associates PSC. For more information on how the procedure is carried out and to hire a therapist.


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