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What You Need to Know About Asian Massage Parlors and Their Services

There are several massage parlors where you can go to get different types of massage and massage therapy. Some of the best massages are done by Asian cultures, which have unique techniques that they have studied for years. One office offering massage therapy in Mt. Prospect, IL, does a lot of Asian massage work. Here are some of the services provided by many Asian massage parlors, including the office for massage therapy in Mt Prospect IL.

Hot Towel Massage

Tight back muscles often lead to pain and discomfort throughout the body. Asian massage girls use a technique where hot-rolled towels are used to relax the muscles in the back and ease pain. Sometimes this method is used in conjunction with other massage techniques. Sometimes it is used alone when a client gets enough relief from just the hot towels.

Essential Oils Massage

Essential oils have long proved to be a source of relaxation. Certain smells cue the brain to relax, thereby making massage more effective. If you request an essential oil massage, you can pick from a variety of scents that appeal to you and the massage girl will apply these during the rubdown.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a classic Asian massage technique. It can only be done by well-trained professionals who are licensed in Shiatsu. Since it is Asian in origin, a lot of Asian massage girls typically perform it, although you might find non-Asian massage therapists who know Shiatsu. If you would like any of these massages, contact MT Spa.

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