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What to See a Dermatologist For in Ann Arbor, MI

Dermatology is strictly for the skin, and it is used to check the structure and function. There are a variety of reasons someone may see a Dermatologist in Ann Arbor MI. Adults and pediatric patients are able to be seen for their skin condition. Skin conditions can happen at any age, and it is best to get them checked out and taken care of.

Rashes and Skin Conditions

When faced with a rash that just won’t go away, or a skin condition that has been worsening, it may be overwhelming to choose which product may be right for you. There are many products on the market that promise to work. However, every single human body is different. The skin reacts to different chemicals and ingredients than someone else might. The best thing to do is see a Dermatologist in Ann Arbor Mi. The professional will be able to investigate the rash or skin condition you have and then get inside your family history. From there, he or she will be able to prescribe you what the best product is for you.


You may think that seeing a dermatologist is all about acne, etc. However, A Dermatologist in Ann Arbor MI can also assist with fatty tumor cysts, skin cancer, keratosis, and other conditions. Depending on the type of procedure, it may just be an injection needed, or there may be local anesthetics used for surgical procedures.


A dermatologist is great for helping with skin tags, age spots, sun spots, botox, etc. These can be a less invasive and faster procedure to get done than other alternatives offered in the office. In fact, the majority of the cosmetic procedures result in only minimal discomfort.

Seeing a Dermatologist in Ann Arbor MI from APD Dermatology is recommended for any conditions that last or don’t go away for you or your children. The dermatologist will be able to biopsy anything suspicious, and if it comes back positive for cancer, etc. they will refer you to your primary doctor. For cosmetic procedures, this is a non-invasive and recommended way to get rid of bothersome marks on your skin.