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What to Expect with STAT Health Immediate Medical Care NY

STAT Health Immediate Medical Care NY is a convenient walk-in medical facility. The facility is an alternative to going to the emergency room. It can take hours before being allowed to see a doctor at the hospital. Many people wait to go to their doctor, but this is not always an option on the weekend. On the other hand, urgent care is available for patients who want affordable and fast medical care.

An urgent care center is the middle step between going to your regular doctor and the emergency room. The facility is usually open during hours that doctor’s offices are closed and provide walk in services. It is ideal when unable to get an appointment with your regular doctor and when needing treatment for minor emergencies.

When a person gets hurt or sick, the only options are the emergency room and urgent care. However, the hospital requires a lot of waiting. Wait times can be from three hours or more. Waiting is also involved when waiting for your doctor’s office to open. On the other hand, urgent care centers allow for coming for care at odd times. Patients can get medical care without an appointment and it does not take more than a half hour to see the doctor. Urgent care centers are usually cheaper than the hospital and accept most insurance. There is also the possibility of getting more individual care because of not competing with people who have life threatening conditions.

Wait times are improved by removing people with non-life threatening conditions from the emergency room. This means that patients with life threatening conditions can receive medical care faster. Urgent care centers also allow for doctors to focus on fewer patients, which improve the quality of care that patients receive. It is important to realize when to go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. If you are having difficulty breathing, chest pain or tightness, excessive vomiting or diarrhea, difficulty breathing or uncontrollable bleeding, then these symptoms are not appropriate for an urgent care center. These symptoms are considered life threatening and should be taken to the emergency room. However, STAT Health Immediate Medical Care NY is an option for needing immediate medical attention without the long wait.