What to Expect When Your Loved One is in a Dementia Facility

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Senior Health

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When your loved one enters a nursing facility that provides dementia care, there are a few different services that you can expect compared to a traditional nursing home. Safety is a top priority at dementia nursing homes in San Antonio, TX, as workers try to do everything possible to ensure residents don’t enter and exit the building alone. Here are a few of the ways that this type of care is different but beneficial for those who need this service.

Overall Design

Most dementia care facilities are designed so that the hallways are circular instead of having dead ends that could confuse residents. Rooms in this type of facility usually don’t have kitchens in them in order to keep residents who might not understand how to cook as safe as possible. A large dining room offers a comfortable setting for residents to enjoy their meals each day.


Residents in dementia nursing homes in San Antonio, TX, receive the medications that they need just as they would in a traditional nursing home. Medications are often given strictly by the staff instead of the residents keeping them in their rooms as a way to ensure that the proper amounts are taken.

Personal Care

The care residents receive in a dementia nursing home is often a bit more personal. There are usually more nurses and assistants available who can take the time to work with one or two residents during the day instead of several as they would at a nursing home.

When you need to make the decision to seek assistance for your loved one with dementia, contact or visit the website for more information about what to expect.

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