What to Expect When You See an Infertility Doctor

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Health

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While many couples achieve pregnancy by traditional means within a year, there are plenty of couples out there that require alternative methods to assist them their efforts. For a couple that is having a difficult time conceiving a baby, it can be an extremely emotional and stressful time for them. The stress created by not being able to get pregnant may even decrease their chance of successfully conceiving even more. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, it is important to seek out an infertility doctor in Jacksonville area to determine the underlying problem and possible treatments that you can receive.

During Your Initial Visit

  • An infertility doctor in Jacksonville will consult with you on your medical history.
  • They will perform a physical examination to check for any potential problems that are preventing you from getting pregnant.
  • The doctor will evaluate your ovulation and determine how many eggs the female has left.
  • The male is scheduled for testing to evaluate their sperm production and other factors that affect how strong their sperm is.
  • Tests are scheduled to determine if there are other health conditions that prevent you from conceiving.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Once you have been fully examined and the final test results are in, Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine will provide you with information on the options that you have available. Whether you need to monitor your ovulation cycle, take fertility medication or require IVF to successfully conceive a child. They will assist you in making the right decision that fits your specific case and improves your chances of having a baby. You do not have to struggle alone when you schedule an appointment with one of their physicians today.

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