What to Expect During Sessions of Thai Massage In Honolulu HI

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Health

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Thai Massage In Honolulu HI may remind some people of yoga, in that the therapist moves the client’s body into various poses and stretches. Massaging of acupressure points also is done. The therapy is customized for each client so that nearly anyone can benefit from this practice. Elderly women with bone density issues, for example, need relatively gentle therapy. A client trying to reduce pain from a chronic condition has certain different needs than someone trying to reduce stress.

What It’s Like

Unlike more familiar forms of massage therapy, this one does not involve lying or sitting on a table, or the use of essential oils. Instead, the poses and stretches are performed on a floor mat. The client does not need to actually do anything but allow the therapist to move the body into poses and perform gentle stretching. The only instruction may be to hold the pose for a specific amount of time. The technique offers some of the benefits of yoga but is not as challenging either physically or mentally.

Why People Choose Thai Massage

This type of massage is still not very well known in the United States, even in the state that is closest to Asia. People sometimes request Thai Massage In Honolulu HI if they have read about it or a friend suggests it after a positive experience. In some instances, the therapist may recommend this modality to certain clients for its specific benefits.

People who know they don’t stretch often enough or effectively enough may be interested in Thai massage. A desire to increase flexibility also is a motivating factor to schedule sessions with the therapist. Holding a pose can help build muscle strength over time as well. Some individuals include Thai massage as part of their spiritual quest.

Combination Therapies

Customers can choose a combination of therapies if they like, and a therapist at a practice such as Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage may sometimes recommend this too. A deep-tissue massage might follow a Thai session, for example. The person leaves feeling a sense of relaxed energy and extra limberness. Visit the website for details on this particular organization. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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