"> What to Expect at a Rehabilitation Center in Glendale AZ

What to Expect at a Rehabilitation Center in Glendale AZ

After sustaining severe injuries in an accident, it will take time to recover. As part of the healing process, the medical professionals in charge of the case will likely want the patient to participate in some sort of physical therapy at a Rehabilitation Center. For those who have never had to undergo this type of therapy before, here is what to expect during those sessions.

A Therapist Who is Committed

The expert physical therapist at the Rehabilitation Center will already know about what has happened and what sort of lingering effects are still present. During that first visit, expect to spend some time talking with the therapist about mobility issues, feeling a little weak, and anything else that seems to be hampering physical performance. The therapist will also walk the patient through some of the exercises and methods that will be used as part of the therapy. This allows the establishment of a baseline so the therapist can measure improvement over time.

Encouragement to Keep Going

During the course of physical therapy, the patient will likely become discouraged. The reality is that things do not always get progressively better from one session to the next. Things may seem to go very well for a while, and then the patient has a session in which it seems as if things are moving backward. The therapist will be there to offer encouragement and motivate the patient to keep going, even if things seem to be at a temporary standstill.

A Lot of Hard Work

Every patient should enter the therapy realizing that it takes dedication and a lot of hard work to regain the level of mobility that was taken away by the accident. At times, it will seem as if taking one more step is not possible. While the therapist will do everything possible to keep up the spirits of the patient, there must be a determination to keep going. Even if the patient is exhausted afterward, it is important to remember that, in time, those same exercises will become much easier to manage.

For people who want to learn more about the process of physical therapy, talk with an expert physical therapist in Glendale, AZ. Doing so will make it easier to understand what to expect and how those methods have helped many others in the past.

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