What to Expect After Cataract Surgery in Wichita, KS

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Health

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Cataract surgery is an extremely common procedure with a high success rate. When no complications occur, and they typically don’t, the procedure can be completed in just ten minutes. Some patients still experience anxiety prior to having a Cataract Surgery in Wichita KS, though, which this article aims to alleviate by outlining what to expect.

Immediate Cloudiness

Right after getting out of surgery, it’s reasonable for patients to expect their vision to be somewhat blurry. This is only the case because the eyes need time to adjust to the new intraocular lens. It should clear up within about an hour.

Bloodshot Eyes

Cataract surgery tends to cause very minor, temporary damage to surface blood cells. This can cause patients’ eyes to appear bloodshot. The redness will go away within a few days, though, so don’t be alarmed.

Best Sight Achieved Within a Week or Two

While the majority of patients regain their sight without noticeable blurriness within an hour, they should still expect it to take a while for them to achieve their sharpest focus. This often takes as long as a week, or even two weeks, so patients shouldn’t be concerned if their vision is not immediately perfect after a Cataract Surgery in Wichita KS.

Complete Healing

Patients will return to their surgeons for a post-operative check-up soon after their cataract surgeries, at which point they can let their doctors know if they’ve been experiencing any unexpected complications. Full healing won’t be achieved for about a month, though most patients are allowed to go back to normal activities about a week after surgery.

Reasonable Precautions

To facilitate healing, make a point of following all of the surgeon’s recommendations. Patients typically require eye drops for between a week and a month, and those should be applied as indicated. Avoid swimming and exposure to irritants for the first week or two after cataract surgery.

Get Started Today

Know it’s time to start looking into cataract surgery and ready to make dreams of better sight a reality? It’s time to find a trustworthy eye surgeon who can help. Visit one local office online or Schedule an appointment today to get the process started.

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