What is Hot Stone Massage in Jacksonville?

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Salon and Spa

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A hot stone massage is exactly what it says it is! A special massage technique using heated stones on the body to relax it.

If you are looking for a hot stone massage in Jacksonville, then read on as you will get more relevant details on how it works to relax you. You could have a hot stone massage in one of two ways. 1) heated stones only or 2) both heated stones and hand massage.

Only Heated Stones

Your body is first prepared or warmed for your massage by a therapist when they perform light sweeping hand applications using a suitable massage oil. Stones are heated in hot water and these are then placed at key points on your back for about thirty minutes. Your body then relaxes and opens-up your energy pathways.

Heated Stones and Massage

Alternatively, heated stones may be used as a supplementary tool during the massage as opposed to being an extension of the massage therapist’s hands.

Depending on the skills of your therapist, this massage has a variety of variations.  An expert massage therapist will gently fold, press, and stretch the muscles with the hand and / or rotate the heated stone over a specific muscle, applying pressure using a fast vibration technique to drive the heat of the stone deeper into the muscle and relax it further.

Hot stone massage in Jacksonville may also be used to preheat and soften the muscles, to enable the massage therapist to manipulate deep tissues more easily with the fingers.

Your Massage Experts

Adrienne Michelle’s is a salon that offers many types of massages for individuals and couples. Some of them are hot stone, prenatal, deep tissue, Swedish and hybrid types of massage.

Contact them from their webpage so you can book your hot stone massage in Jacksonville. You can also call them on 904-329-2573 to book your appointment.

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