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What Happens During An Eye Exam?

An eye exam in Woodbridge VA, like any medical exam, consists of a number of unique procedures. An optometrist will conduct several tests on your eyes which will show the condition of the eye; are they healthy or not. For the individual who has no history of eye problems, the tests are somewhat basic, but for those who have a history of eye problems, the tests are much more inclusive.

One of the most common tests is called visual acuity test. The patient is asked to stare at a wall chart which consists of letters; these letters begin at the top of the chart and are large, the letters get smaller as you work your way towards the bottom line. These tests are carried out with one eye covered and then the other; the results of the test give the eye doctor an indication of your vision capabilities.

Another basic test makes use of a retinoscope. During this test the lights are dimmed and the Optometrist can then examine the eye with a bright light while the patient continues to stare at the chart. As the doctor looks into the eye, various lenses are flipped in front of the eye. This test is used to determine the approximate prescription for corrective lenses. To complete the prescription, the doctor will conduct a refraction exam which uses a machine called a phoropter. This machine allows the doctor to place different lenses in front of the patient who in turn is asked to determine which appears clearer.

A refraction test is used to determine if the patient is nearsighted, far sighted or perhaps suffers from astigmatism and to what degree. An Auto refractor is used to determine approximate refraction and then he or she will make final determination of the prescription with subjective refraction. The slit lamp examination demands that the patient rests the chin on the device, the doctor then shines a bright light into the eye which helps in determining any other vision issues.

There are many other tests that can be performed during an eye exam in Woodbridge VA based on the individual needs as determined by the doctor. Normally an eye test can be completed within half an hour or less, however, when the doctor needs to dilate the eyes the recovery time can add an hour or two until you are ready to return to your normal routine.