What Grief And Loss Counselling Is And Its Benefits

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Health

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Most people have lost a loved one or have grieved for various reasons, and they usually come out of it with time. However, for others, it’s too tough to go through alone, which is why they may want to consider grief and loss counselling. Many cultures have developed a customary way to mourn and deal with sorrow, but modern times present challenges. You may not be able to take time off work or know what to do, and counsellors can help you.

How They Help

Many people think that no one understands their need to grieve or what they’re going through. It’s tough to feel like you’re all alone, even when you have other loved ones or friends going through the same thing. Everyone grieves differently, which means they may get over their loss a little faster than you and vice versa. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong, but it means that you may need more help.


The primary advantages of seeking grief and loss counselling include improving your growth and development, relieving anger, and fear, as well as others.

You may not realise it, but you may be angry that the person you loved passed away. It can also bring about fears of your morality and anxiety about what will happen now, especially if that person was a life partner. You may also become more impulsive or depressed, and you’re likely to feel lonely.

Grief and loss counselling at From 2 to 3 can help you relieve those negative feelings, as well as provide you with the tools necessary to cope with stress and heal your mind and body. They may also help you deal with other aspects of life that have become affected because of your loss, which can help you grow and become whole once more.

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