What Can an Orthodontist in Ballwin, MO Do for You?

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Dentist

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Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which focuses primarily on the positioning of a person’s teeth or jaws. An orthodontist is a professional who can help with prevention, correction, and the diagnosis related to the movement of a person’s teeth. Having properly aligned teeth is very important for a person’s confidence and ability to smile in public. If you have misaligned or poorly positioned teeth, it’s also going to make it difficult for you to keep them clean. In addition, you might find it difficult to smile properly without attracting negative attention. Here are some of the many services that orthodontists offer.


One of the most medically advanced treatments currently offered by virtually every orthodontist right now is the use of invisible aligners. Known commonly as Invisalign, these are a significant upgrade over conventional braces. They are meant to be worn for a couple of weeks and then changed out. They make minuscule movements in the jaw to align the teeth and bring them to their natural position. If you have misshapen or malpositioned teeth, you should visit an orthodontist in Ballwin, MO.

Dental Implants

Another very common service offered by nearly every orthodontist in the area is the installation of dental implants. Implants can be installed within a person’s jawbone and used to hold a crown in place. Dental implants are commonly chosen by people who have a damaged tooth or a gap in their denture. If you want to replace the entire denture on the upper or the lower jaw, you can also use the All-on-4 dental implants, which essentially support the entire denture on four separate dental implants. If you want orthodontic treatment, you should visit New Age Dental Care. Call them up at 636-449-0215 for more information. You can follow them on Twitter for latest update!

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