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What Are Whey Protein Supplements and How Do They Work?

If you have never taken whey as a supplement, this is your chance to learn more about the whey’s unique characteristics and benefits. Whey is ideal for anyone interested in losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply staying trim and fit. Whether you are an athlete or simply an interested consumer, here are a few things you should know about whey:

Understanding Whey Protein Supplement

Also known as whey protein powders or whey protein bars, these nutritional supplements are derived from the process of making cheese. Whey is carefully precipitated once the milk has been curdled, making it a naturally protein-rich supplement. Although whey protein is generally beneficial as it will have gone through extensive quality control and lab testing protocols, look for a vendor who limits the number of additives and avoids chemical treatments. Your natural whey protein powder supplements, whether it’s a shake or a bar, should be as pure and fresh as possible. Whole whey protein from pasture-raised grass fed cows seems to yield best nutritional properties.

Why Whey Protein?

Whey has numerous benefits and can make it easy to retain and build muscle. As a protein, whey helps you control your appetite and insulin levels. These regulatory factors greatly contribute to your ability to lose weight. The more you keep track of your caloric intake, the more you can avoid putting on unwanted weight. This process is much easier if your appetite is under control.

While decreasing body fat, whey can also help boost your body’s ability to retain or increase muscle mass. Whether you want to lose excess weight by burning body fat or increase weight thanks to increased muscle mass, whey protein supplements make it much easier to reach your goals. The unique nutritional properties of whey make it one of the greatest ways to keep your body trim and toned. Consider Whey protein powders or bars as simple means to add whey to your diet.

Use Whey Before a Workout

Many people, it seems, do not think enough about what they eat before a workout. Unfortunately, studies have shown that if your body has foods such as carbohydrates before a workout, it will burn off the excess sugar for energy instead of fat. If you take whey protein before a workout, on the other hand, your body will focus on burning fat. At the same time, the extra protein will help you retain and build muscle mass.

Since whey is a naturally occurring supplement, you can find whey protein powders and bars that are all-natural, with no unwanted chemicals. Defense Nutrition LLC carries a wide selection of whey products, all of which contain whey protein from the milk of pasture-raised, grass-fed cows. The whey carries no traces of GMOs, pesticides, or other chemicals, giving you a pure, healthy supplement.