What A Hydrafacial Is And Why You Need One In NYC

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Hair Removal, Health

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Most people in NYC have never heard of a hydrafacial and wonder what it is. It is a non-laser technique that uses vacuum wands and serums to exfoliate your skin. If you don’t have a skin care regimen or it isn’t effective, you must remember that you should stimulate the skin, hydrate it and exfoliate it. This procedure does all of that using only one treatment. Therefore, you don’t have to use a hydrating mask, acupressure massages or microdermabrasion procedures to get the same effects.

Remove Surface Damage

Most people think that if they don’t smoke and don’t hang around those that do, they’re fine. However, you’re exposed to many things that can make your face look older and more ragged. These elements can include toxins, sunlight, stress, pollution and much more. All of these situations attribute to the aging process and can damage the skin. They’ll work their way down into your skin so that your skin cells can’t function correctly, which will lead to “dying” skin cells. Plus, new cells won’t grow, causing even more problems. With a hydrafacial in NYC, dead skin cells will be removed, as well as impurities in the skin.

Works On Everyone

This procedure works well with any skin type so that everyone can benefit. Whether you have red marks, fine lines, acne or wrinkles, the procedure can help improve your complexion. You can also add other services to this facial, which can do even more to restore your natural beauty.

Near-Immediate Results

While you won’t walk out of the office looking younger and fresher, the results will be visible very soon afterward. Most people do not notice the build-up and clogged pores because it happens gradually. However, over a period of time, they’ll start to see more problems in the face. Therefore, it’s probably best to avoid the mirror after the procedure and check back the next day.

Don’t Have To DIY

Most people go to the store and buy a lot of creams and lotions to help them look younger and rejuvenate the skin, but these can be expensive and may not work. Instead of wasting money on the unknown, you can have one treatment and take care of everything all at once.

While you can achieve the same results with multiple procedures, it makes more sense to have one treatment and be back to your busy life.

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