6 Types of Lenses for Eye Glasses

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Eye Care

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As you consider the different options when ordering eye glasses and lenses, you want to pick the best combination that meets your budget, needs and lifestyle. With advances in technology, many new lens materials have been developed that are more durable than the older glass or plastic of the past. That way, you can make sure your glasses last a long time without getting damaged, scratched or broken. Here are six different types of lenses for glasses that you could choose for your next pair.

1. Polycarbonate

One of the most durable choices for lenses, polycarbonate glasses can withstand the forces of many different impacts. For children or people who play sports, this type of material may be best. Additionally, polycarbonate offers your eyes protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Trivex

Trivex, while not as durable as polycarbonate, can offer better vision correction. This type of plastic gives your eye glasses a thin, lightweight feel that is not as bothersome to wear as some other types of glasses. This material also gives wearers the benefit of protection from sun damage.

3. High Index Plastic

For people who need a strong prescription for their lenses, they may not have as many choices when it comes to materials. In the past, this variety of glasses was thick and cumbersome, leaving many wearers with an undesirable look. Today, with high index plastic lenses, people with strong prescriptions don’t have to be stuck with unsightly glasses.

4. Aspheric

Aspheric lenses are shaped differently from other styles of lenses. This kind of material is less spherical and more flat. This give the lens a larger and more spacious profile, however, it maintains a thin and lightweight feel. This lens type can also be a better fit for your face and eye shape as well.

5. Photochromic

Photochromic lenses have incorporated the technology to transform your eye glasses into sunglasses when you go out into the sunlight. Instead of needing to purchase two different pairs of glasses, these lenses make your one pair do double the work for your eyes. This means less chance of misplacing one pair of glasses and more opportunity for financial savings.

6. Polarized

Finally, polarized glasses are most typically found in sunglasses. The polarization helps control glare and brightness. When you’re out in the sun, bright spots of glare can cause you to temporarily lose vision during outdoor activities or when you’re driving. This kind of lens can keep your vision focused no matter what the light is like.

After you choose the frames of your eye glasses, you’re not completely done. You need to carefully pick the best lens that creates the best look for you and your eyes.

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