Visiting a Dentist in Laurel, MS

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Dentist

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A Dentist Laurel MS may have the initials DDS or DMD after his or her name. Patients may wonder what the difference is, since many people may have only heard of DDS before. DDS means Doctor of Dental Surgery. DMD means Doctor of Dental Medicine. They essentially mean the same thing. Dental schools teach the same curriculum and have the same graduation requirements, so either one is just as qualified as the other.

Another concern patients may have when visiting a Dentist Laurel MS is getting x-rays. They may have heard that any extra exposure to x-rays is dangerous. Patients are actually exposed to very little radiation with dental x-rays, and there is probably a greater risk in not having the x-ray than in having it, since the scan can show hidden signs of decay and other problems that can be caught before they become more severe.

If the dentist can catch tooth decay early with an x-ray, there is a good chance that the patient will only need a very small filling and be able to save the tooth. If tooth decay gets severe enough, it not only causes extreme pain, but it can get down into the root of the tooth and infect not just the gums but get into the patient’s bloodstream. An x-ray is a safe diagnostic tool in protecting not just your dental health but your overall health, too.

Patients should start seeing the dentist by their third birthday. Really, when a child gets his first tooth is not too early to make that first trip to the dentist. It’s a good opportunity for the dentist to make sure the gums are healthy and to instruct parents on how to keep their child’s new teeth clean. With very young children, the parent can hold the child in the lap so the child feels secure. It’s a nice way to introduce your child to the dentist and get the child used to getting their teeth examined where they feel safe and know that the dentist is not to be feared. Most tooth decay happens when we are children, so it’s good to start exams and good dental hygiene early. Click Here to schedule an appointment.


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