Vision Care in Madison, AL Addresses Floaters and Flashers

by | May 4, 2017 | Eye Care

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As we age, we often note the occurrence of floaters and flashers. While most people see floaters at one time or another, they happen more often as we get older. Floaters are small clouds or specks that appear in the field of vision. The annoying spots are tiny clumps of cells or gel within the vitreous, the jelly-like and clear fluid that fills the inside of the eye. Floaters can appear in varying shapes, such as lines, clouds, cobwebs, or circles.

A Vitreous Detachment

When you see floaters, you are actually seeing the shadows the aforementioned clumps. Floaters often appear when the vitreous gel pulls away from the eye’s back wall, which causes a vitreous detachment. In some cases, you need to consult with a specialist in vision care in Madison, AL. That is because the retina often tears away in response to the pulling activity of the vitreous. Torn retinas can lead to retinal detachment.

So, if you see floaters, you should contact professionals in vision care to check on the development. Besides floaters, you may also want to see an eye care specialist if you see flashes. If the vitreous gel pulls or rubs on the retina, you may see what appear to be lightning streaks or flashing lights.

Flashes May Mean You Have a Torn Retina

According to the professionals at Specs of Madison, flashes can appear on and off for several weeks or months at a time. As we get older, we normally see flashes with more regularity. If you notice a sudden appearance of flashes, you need to schedule an appointment to have your eyes examined immediately. Flashes may mean that your retina is torn.

So, contact a vision care professional without delay if you suddenly see flashes that are persistent. You also want to schedule an appointment if you notice a loss of side vision or if it appears that a curtain is being drawn over your field of vision.

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