Understanding the Importance of Choosing the Right Eye Doctor

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Healthcare

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Quality eye care is one of the most important things for any healthy adult or child to pay attention to. Without proper vision, you will be unable to function and live the life that you want. However, even though proper vision care is important, it is something that is usually overlooked; until people notice a problem is present. Even though most people should be visiting an eye doctor at least once a year, most people simply do not visit these health care providers as often as they should.

This is why it is essential that all people, even those who currently have good vision understand the importance of turning to an eye doctor for care. There are actually three different types of eye doctors, all with different types of backgrounds and all with a different approach to helping their patients improve and care for their vision. Understanding these professionals and what they can do for you will help you to find the right eye doctor Smyrna TN to fit your needs.


An optometrist is an eye doctor that most people will typically turn to when they are in need of professional vision assistance. These professionals are often called an OD because they have a Doctor of Optometry. These are the doctors who will do your eye tests and who will determine what type of vision assistance you need if any. They will be the individuals who write your prescription and help you with your basic vision needs. They can also provide therapies and even medication to help with your vision.


Typically an ophthalmologist is a MD or a DO that specializes is also providing vision care. Many times if you are looking for an eye doctor who can help you with eye or vision related diseases or if you are in need of eye surgery, these are the professionals you will turn to for help. Many quality eye care facilities will have these types of individuals on staff to help you with additional types of vision care.


While an optician is not an actual doctor, it is still important to understand who these eye care professionals are and what they do as you look for a doctor. Keep in mind that while these professionals are not eye car doctors they can help with your visual health. These are the professionals who will help craft your prescription eyeglasses and make sure you get the glasses that you need. These professionals will take the prescription from the eye doctor and craft lenses properly. You will not want to be confused and think that visiting an optician is the same as visiting an eye doctor, although these professionals can still be instrumental to you getting the vision help you need. Visit the website for more information!


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