Treatments Given by a Chiropractic Office in Sioux Falls SD

by | May 24, 2013 | Health

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There are so many different causes of chronic pain that people deal with in their every day lives. It can be caused by injuries, serious illnesses, or even conditions that a person is born with. If you are suffering from chronic pain that you have not been able to successfully relieve with medication, it may be time to look into other alternatives. Many people have had positive results by receiving treatments from a Chiropractic Sioux Falls SD. These treatments can provide extended pain relief when received on a regular basis.

One treatment that many patients find very helpful is body massage. This may include light massage or deep tissue massage. A combination of both may also be given on various areas of the body. The type of injury or condition that is causing the pain will determine which type of massage is performed. This treatment helps relieve muscle strains and spasms. Tendon and ligament issues can also be lightly massaged to promote healing.

Using heat is also a method of treatment used in Chiropractic Sioux Falls SD. Heat treatments may be applied in two different ways. Electric heat pads may be applied directly to the area the pain is radiating from. Using electrodes to send heating sensations to help relieve pain is also a form of treatment. The heat helps to stimulate the nerves and encourage healing.

Applying cold packs to the painful area is another treatment commonly used for relieving pain. The cold will numb the nerves that trigger painful episodes. It is also a common practice to rotate between cold and heat to give relief.

The treatments provided by Chiropractic Sioux Falls SD also include getting adjustments by the chiropractor. These are frequently given to those who have neck, back, or hip problems. When the bones of these areas become misaligned it can cause a tremendous amount of pain. Getting adjustments to correct this, can provide instant relief.

Regular treatments from a Chiropractic Sioux Falls SD can really help you manage chronic pain more easily. Having as few as three visits with a chiropractor a week can help relieve pain and help keep it under control.

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