Treating Your Body With a Delightful Scrub to Feel Renewed and Refreshed

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Dentist

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Sometimes, you might need to give your skin a relaxing treatment that also gently exfoliates. A body scrub treatment can leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed after only using the product one or two times. Make sure you read the ingredients before applying the scrub to your skin to get a better understanding of whether they could possibly cause irritation or not. You could also have this type of treatment while you’re on vacation or at a salon where you live.

What to Expect?

If you go to a salon or another business that offers this type of treatment, you’ll usually be asked to change into a robe or a thin gown so that the technician can easily apply the scrub to your skin. Most of the time, the scrub is applied to your back first before it’s applied to the front of your body. After leaving the scrub on your body for a short time, you’ll rinse it off in a shower. This is similar to the body scrub treatment process that you’ll do at home.


Most body scrubs have essential oils or other types of fragrances in them so that your body smells just as refreshing as it feels. Avoid using scrubs that have harsh products in them as they can sometimes irritate your skin. Aloe, lavender, and vanilla are common scents that you’ll find in body scrubs.

After the Process

Avoid shaving for about 24 hours before and after your treatment. This will decrease the chances of irritation that could occur. Try to use this kind of treatment throughout the year to keep your skin refreshed, especially during the colder months when the air is drier. Use warm water when rinsing off the scrub as it opens your pores and allows the treatment to work a bit better.

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