Top 4 Hair Removal Techniques for Those Troubled With Unwanted Hair

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Beauty

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Ingrown hair is a natural problem that both men and women grapple with everyday. Although this problem is commonly in women, many men find themselves in need of hair removal services. Unlike in the past where people relied on the razor to shave the hair, today people are presented with numerous options of hair removal from which to choose. Most men want to remove unwanted hair on their chests, shoulders, back and the neck, while women would want to remove all the hair on their bodies except the head. Here are the 4 techniques of Hair Removal in Tucsontechniques:

Therapeutic Body Hair Removal: Prescription medicine can be used to eliminate excessive body hair and slow down the growth of hair in unwanted areas. Such medications include hair removal creams to slowdown the activity of androgen, the hormone responsible for hair growth in unwanted areas of the body. Removing unwanted hair can serve to improve a person’s self-esteem.

Electrolysis: It is one of the latest entries in the world of hair removal. This technique is fast and a person can expect to see results after a few treatment sessions. A doctor inserts a needle under the skin and generates an electric current that serves to damage the structure of and growth of the hair follicle. Although it is a slow process, it gives permanent solution to the problem of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal: Sharp light is directed to hair follicle to cause disturbance and delay in regenerating new follicles. The technique is pain-free and is believed to be the most efficient. An experienced doctor must perform both laser and electrolysis. Waxing: Perhaps the most popular technique of body hair removal is waxing. A sticky wax is applied on the targeted areas and an aluminum foil is attached on the wax. The foil is then pulled off together with the hair attached to the wax. This technique of Hair Removal in Tucson is simple and can be done at home or a local salon. However, make sure to use the recommended waxing accessories. Visit Skin care by design for more information.

Regardless of the technique of body hair removal you choose, it is important to consult with a professional to advice on the best technique. Each method of Hair Removal in Tucson may have its unique downsides, so ask the doctor if a particular method may suit your individual needs while at the same pausing minimum side effects.

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