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Tips For Getting Dentures

When a person has many teeth missing, it can be difficult for them to be able to chew normally, which can greatly affect their nutrition. It can also cause them to feel ashamed of the appearance of their smile, which can lead to self-esteem issues. When many teeth are missing, patients need to see their dentist about Dentures in Cary Il. Dentures can replace missing teeth and give a person a smile they have always longed for.

Dentures now offer a more natural look than ever before and can be precisely made for a patient for a perfect fit. Dentures are made in a dental lab from the patient impressions that are taken by the dentist. The plates of the denture may be made of metal or a rigid acrylic resin. Resin bases are used in full dentures while metal may be preferred for partials.

The teeth portion of the dentures are made of porcelain or resin and are carefully shaped, sized, and colored to match the patient’s natural teeth. This is done to ensure a natural look will be achieved. The acrylic gum portions are tinged to match that of natural gum tissue, so the end result looks as close to a natural set of teeth as possible.

When a person first begins wearing dentures, their gums may become sore, and they may feel slightly uncomfortable with the new appliance in their mouth. It takes time for a person to grow accustomed to wearing dentures, so it is important a person consistently wears them and follows their dentist’s guidance for care.

It is vital dentures are well-cared for which means cleaning them on a daily basis. Although cavities are no longer a concern once all of the natural teeth have been removed, bacteria on the dentures can lead to infections.

If you are missing many of your teeth, it is vital you seek your dentist for Dentures in Cary Il. For further information, visit us to our website at Cary Dental Associates LLC. They are a dental office that provides their patients with the full dental services they are in need of. Call the office today so you can get started on getting dentures.