Three Tips For Finding the Right Anesthesia Information Management System

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Health

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In today’s technological age, you will be surprised to learn many anesthesia departments are behind the times when it comes to documentation. Although the majority of hospitals now use electronic medical records, many anesthesia departments still use old fashioned pen and paper. Whether you work as a doctor, nurse or billing specialist, you have a say in choosing the right anesthesia information management system for your workplace. You know what does and doesn’t work from a bedside perspective, but there are key items you need to know before choosing the system that works best. Read below for our top three tips for finding the right anesthesia information system (AIM).

Ease of Use Is Vital
Any type of anesthesia information management system, no matter how sophisticated, is useless if end users have a difficult time navigating the system. It’s vital electronic anesthesia charts be easy to use and navigate in order to get adopted. Another important factor is a minimal amount of typing. In other words, point-and-click functionality is often preferred.

Turn Data Into Information
Captured data from AIMS can be transformed into information through analytics. This can be used to make a variety of improvements to benefit both the hospital and anesthesiologists. The primary impacts are increased efficiency and cost savings.

Hard Work Pays Off
Implementing any type of new anesthesia information management system is going to have its set of challenges. There will be some growing pains to go through as far as training and getting staff up to speed. Once everyone gets the hang of it, the system essentially becomes a tool. Most employees won’t want to go back once they have used it.

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