Threading in St. Johns, FL, to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

by | May 18, 2017 | Beauty

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Facial hair is not appealing on women. However, everyone has facial hair, it just so happens that men have a lot more hair on their faces than women do. But, women still have to take care of the hair. Such areas include the chin, lip and eyebrows. These are the three main areas, but hair can grow all over the face. If that is the case, then it would need to be taken care of. At the Fountain of Beauty salon waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, brow tinting and so many other services are offered to help women enhance their natural features. Threading in St. Johns, FL, is a service many women now get in order to remove unwanted facial hair.

Although Threading in St. Johns, FL, has only become popular in recent years, the technique has been around for ages. It is a hair removal method that uses a cotton thread to eliminate hairs at the same time. The method works very well, as it removes the hairs at the follicles. The method of threading can be used on the eyebrows, chin, lip and anywhere else on the face that hair is found.

The use of Threading services in St. Johns, FL, yields great results. Such results can last from three to six weeks. Again, as with everything, results do vary from person to person and depends on how fast their hair grows. Attention to detail is very important, especially when it involves the eyebrows. These need to be shaped correctly, paying special attention to the arch and what looks best for the person’s face. Typically, eyebrows take half an hour and 90 minutes to thread the whole face. The skin around the eyebrows may get irritated and redness can occur, but it will go away within a few hours. Jasmine oil is also applied to the area right after threading to eliminate and help with the irritation.

As stated above, threading has become very popular for many women, as well as men. It is a great method to really get the hairs deep down and to achieve a very clean and nicely shaped brow for a few weeks. Contact Fountain of Beauty in St. Johns, FL, for more information.

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