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The Real Rules For The Best Botox In Charleston, SC

Sadly, nobody really talks about Botox in Charleston, SC, unless they are telling a story of a botched job or some other horror story. While everyone seems to have had the procedure at some point in their life, they rarely talk about it because it is considered taboo. While it can cause freezing of the face and other problems when done incorrectly, it can look very natural and normal when done properly.

How To Get It Without Looking Like You Got Botox

The best way to have the procedure without looking like you’ve had it done is to request less than you think you need. Even if you are sure you want more, it is better to get a little and see how it feels and looks when the swelling has gone down and the redness is gone. Then, if you aren’t happy with the results, you can go back for a follow-up visit and receive another injection.

Myths Debunked

Everyone has heard the myths of not leaning forward or taking a plane trip after receiving the injections. When it first started, doctors didn’t know much about the injections and were worried that lying down or leaning forward could reverse the effects. Now, they know that it is perfectly fine to lie down or lean forward immediately after the procedure with no ill effects. You can also get on a plane immediately, use makeup and do all your other daily activities. If you are worried, ask the doctor about the activity before doing it.

Reduce Bruising

One of the most common side effects of Botox is bruising at the site of injection. Ways to reduce bruising include stopping blood thinners and avoid aspirin, fish supplements, Aleve and omega-3 fatty acids for one week before the procedure. You may also want to skip the gym on the day of treatment and consider taking Arnica tabs. While there aren’t many studies backing up the claim, doctors and patients swear by these tablets to help reduce bruising.

Another big reason for bruising is the fact that the doctor goes too deep when placing the needle. The needle should be barely underneath the skin and if they go too deep into the skin, it could also cause bruising.