The process of TriPollar skin tightening

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Health

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As people age their skin loses its youthfulness, tone and tightness and there is a noticeable appearance of lines, deep wrinkles and sagging skin. Once this happens many people go for a TriPollar skin tightening treatment in New York which can be a clinical treatment or one of the many products that are available on the open market. The choice of the treatment is a combination of the skin condition and the cost of treatment, the results all depend on the therapy and condition.

After years of exposure to the elements, perhaps the effects of cigarette smoking and just plain age, the skin becomes less elastic, this is evidenced by a noticeable puffiness under the eyes, hyper -pigmentation, wrinkles and skin sag. As skin ages there is a drop in the level of collagen and elastin, proteins which hold the skin together and keeps the skin elasticity. When the level of these proteins drop, skin sagging is the result.

TriPollar Skin tightening can be done by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon through the use of lasers or radio waves. These treatments heat the collagen which is under the skin, the skin contracts and there is a definite improvement in the tightness although it may take multiple treatments and then top up treatments every few months.

All one has to do is wander through the drug store or department store to see a wide range of creams and lotions that boast their skin tightening properties. There are many that are of little or no value, but there are some that contain peptides which stimulate the production of collagen and elastic. As mentioned, these proteins are necessary for young looking skin so there is a very good chance that the use of these products will tighten the skin and lessen the evidence of wrinkles.

Some anti-ageing creams also include Vitamin C and E. It is known that Vitamin C in topical form promotes the production of collagen and enhances the elastic qualities of skin. Vitamin C also protects from damage by ultra violet rays and lightens age spots. Vitamin E on the other hand helps hydrate skin and sooths skin which is inflamed.

TriPollar Skin tightening treatment in New York is best done by a plastic surgeon if you are looking for long lasting and noticeable results. Visit us online for more details

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