The Most Important Benefits of Redmond Orthodontics

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Dentist

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Few things provide a person with as much self-esteem as having a confident smile. Unfortunately, many people do not have, and have never possessed a smile that makes them proud. Teeth misalignment negatively affects the overall satisfaction the average person has with their appearance severely. Along with this crippling problem, poorly aligned teeth come with a host of secondary issues.

Improved Appearance – The most important benefit of having orthodontic treatment near Fort Worth is the difference it makes in terms of your physical appearance. Poorly aligned teeth tend to have a dramatic negative effect on the aesthetics of your mouth and your face overall. The teeth straightening process improves the look of your smile and often improves your profile, facial beauty and symmetry from the front.

Better Oral Health – Teeth crowding and other severe alignment issues often make it very difficult for the person dealing with the problem to maintain the highest level of oral health. Flossing between teeth and completely removing food residue and plaque buildup become increasingly hard when there are very tight spaces between the teeth. Realigning teeth into their optimal position with orthodontic treatment drastically improves a patient’s ability to clean their teeth properly and thoroughly, which leads to long-term improvements in oral health.

Improved Speech – Badly aligned teeth often lead to specific types of speech problems and reduce the ability to pronounce certain words properly. For those that suffer with speech issues due to teeth misalignment, tremendous benefits appear once the teeth are set in their ideal alignment pattern and problems with pronunciation disappear.

Better Oral Function – A poor bite alignment typically causes issues with biting, chewing and general oral function. In many cases, alignment problems can lead to tooth weakening and long-term damage. Fixing these problems with orthodontic treatment near Fort Worth improves oral comfort as well as the durability of your teeth in the end.

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