The Hidden Secret To Attraction Goes Beyond Just Smelling Nice

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Health

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For literally hundreds of years men and women have been using added scents to their bodies to make themselves more appealing to others. However, the effectiveness of the most expensive bottles of perfume is not in the floral, musky or appealing fragrance, it is in a hidden additional element. Perfumes with pheromones are now available over-the-counter as well as online to provide this previously missing factor.

One of the major differences in using perfumes with pheromones over traditional types of perfumes is that the pheromones actually are the “chemistry” component of attraction. These naturally occurring chemicals are produced in the glands associated with both the reproductive systems as well as the sweat glands of both men and women. Although not having a distinctive odor of their own, they signal to the opposite sex and allow the chemistry of attraction to work its magic.

Perfumes with pheromones will smell just like any other type of perfume. In fact, many perfume lines, including those by Paris Hilton and others, actually include pheromones. These odorless molecules are released into the air as you move and as the natural moisture evaporates from your skin. Receptors in people of the opposite gender detect these chemicals and give you that added boost in appeal.

How to Wear Perfumes with Pheromones

Wearing perfumes with pheromones is just like wearing any other type of perfume. You can spray or dab a drop or two on the skin, typically on the neck, throat and wrists, and refresh as needed throughout the day. Just like any product you should only use the minimum amount and avoid wearing multiple products that can create an unpleasant overall scent combination.

It is important to realize that pheromones are received differently by different people and that not all individuals are as sensitive to their presence as others. However, people that routinely wear perfumes with pheromones report that they do get more attention from the opposite gender compared to when they are not using the pheromone containing perfumes.

Smelling good is important and something that cannot be underestimated in attracting a date and keeping that attraction alive throughout a relationship. Using perfumes with pheromones can help in all aspects of your relationship in stimulating and maintaining attraction in a natural, effective way.

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