The Four Major Advantages of Breast Explant Surgery in Chicago

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Surgeons

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Breast explant surgery is a procedure that removes breast tissue and implants to create a more natural-looking breast. The ultimate goal is to produce breasts that look and feel more like natural breasts. This blog post will discuss the main benefits of breast explant surgery in Chicago.

Natural Feeling

Breast explant surgery in Chicago can create natural-looking breasts, as the new breast tissue is placed in the same position as the original breast. This is possible because the surgical procedure does not involve any major changes to the natural breast tissue.


Another benefit of breast explant surgery is that it can be performed with filler. This allows patients to have breasts that are fuller and more attractive without having a significant amount of weight gain. The procedure works by using a liquid called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) injected into the breast tissue. The PMMA can then be filled with saline or silicone gel to give the breasts a more natural appearance and feel.

More Attractive

Breast expand surgery can also enhance a woman’s overall appearance, as it creates a more attractive shape for her chest. With this type of surgery, patients often experience little or no visible scars on their bodies after their surgeries are complete.

Faster Recovery

Breast explant surgery is also a relatively fast recovery process compared to other types of breast surgeries. This is because smaller incisions are typically used during this procedure, so patients do not have to go through long healing periods afterward.

The Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Brad Ashpole, MD, is an expert in cosmetic surgery. He has performed hundreds of breast explant surgeries. For more information on breast explant surgery and other procedures that Dr. Ashpole performs, contact Ashpole Plastic Surgery today.

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