The Emotional Impact of Infertility on Your Relationships

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Healthcare

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Learning that you are infertile can be a distressing time in your life, the emotional toll of this diagnosis can often last for years. Grief is a common experience for both men and women as learning of you or your significant other’s inability to conceive is a significant loss. For the most part, people rarely consider the idea that they are unable to procreate, that is until they are met with several unsuccessful attempts at starting a family. Aside from grief, many people also experience other psychological effects like anger, shock, depression, decreased self-esteem, and an overall general feeling of lack of control.

The Negative Emotional Side Effects of Infertility

Because of the emotional effects of infertility many couples discover that their relationships begin to suffer. When met with such a disheartening diagnosis people tend to lash out emotionally, or withdraw into themselves, creating a disconnection between no only their romantic partner, but with family and friends as well. Additionally, infertility can affect your sexual interactions, creating an even larger gap between couples. Fertility treatment centers are well-versed in all physical and emotional side effects of infertility, and work with their patients to help them overcome these challenges and achieve their pregnancy goals.

Get Help Managing the Physical and Emotional Effects of Infertility

If you are researching infertility treatment in Orlando, FL area, consider treatment options from specialists like that of the Advanced Reproductive Specialists. They offer a multitude of infertility treatments and options to help individuals looking to conceive. Not only do they work with you to determine the underlying cause of your infertility issues, they are also intimately aware of the emotional effects that come with receiving medical treatment for infertility. With that awareness in mind, they utilize this information and have developed several comprehensive fertility methods that allow their patients to receive treatment with as little added stress as possible. You can learn more about their many services by scheduling a consultation today.

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