The Basics of Pet Dental Care

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Dentist

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Your pets need dental care the same way that you do. While dogs and cats have enzymes in their mouths that keep their teeth cleaner than humans, they still need some pet dental care. There are some effective treatments they can take while you’re at home; you also need to consult with a veterinarian about different options.

At-Home Options

The at-home options generally come from your veterinarian or from a reliable pet store. You should talk with a professional about which products they recommend. Typically, the products take effect in two ways. They are often infused with some kind of substance that helps to kill germs and bacteria in your pet’s mouth. Also, they are made of abrasive but edible substances. These work for pet dental care because as the pet chews on the substance, it scrapes away plaque that has built up on their teeth. You should also talk with a professional about different in-office options.

In-Office Options

In-office options range from general teeth cleanings to actual oral surgery. Typically, oral surgery is not necessary unless the teeth have become seriously infected. If something has gone wrong with your pet’s teeth to the point that they need to be pulled, it is likely an infection below the gums. Essentially, your animal might have the same tooth problems that humans can have that cause them to need a root canal. Furthermore, veterinarians might clean your pet’s teeth while the pet is being treated for something else. Oftentimes, they will be anesthetized for other procedures and have their teeth cleaned while they’re at it.

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