The Advantages of Using Walk in Clinics in Sikeston, MO

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Health

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If you find yourself with a minor injury that needs medical attention after business hours, then a walk in clinic can be perfect for you. These clinics have begun to pop up all over the United States and have become quite popular. The following are a few benefits you can take advantage of when using Walk in Clinics in Sikeston, MO.

Very Accessible

In most situations, a walk in clinic can be found just about anywhere around your area. Neighborhoods and even some supermarkets have put in walk in clinics to better serve their customers in need of medical care. Most Walk in Clinics in Sikeston, MO stay open for extended hours, which makes them a great option for sickness and injury that happen at night or after five in the afternoon.


One of the most important benefits of using a walk in clinic, is the affordability of the medical care you receive at one of these establishments. If you consider the cost of the same medical care at an emergency room, then you will quickly realize how affordable a walk in clinic really is. Most walk in clinics accept a variety of different insurance providers and can make it affordable for those customers who are uninsured.

Treatment Variety

Walk in clinics can handle a wide variety of different medical conditions all under one roof. Things such as screenings or health tests used to be only handled in hospitals, but with walk in clinics you get the same quality of care for a much lower price. Generally, walk in clinics are staffed with nurses and nurse practitioners, so this is partly the reason how they keep their prices so low. In severe emergencies, most walk in clinics have a medical doctor they can call in if needed.

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