The 7 Foundations of the Happiness Blog

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Health

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There are seven foundations that support the ideas behind the Happiness Blog. These seven health foundations provide the framework for a person to live a happy, satisfied and fulfilled life. It’s about being more than just fit or healthy. The Happiness Blog is about being happy from the center of your being outward. Here are the seven foundations.

Your Base

The base involves fitness, but not just physical fitness. Being healthy is on more levels than the body. Although it’s important for the body to be healthy, these four foundations are crucial to a healthy and whole person.

  • Physical FItness
  • Mental Fitness
  • Spiritual Fitness
  • Financial Fitness

Your Center

There are two fundamental foundations in your center: love and adventure. Love does more than giving meaning to relationships. It’s also what helps you maneuver through difficult times. Self-love is an essential element to happiness and without it, we can’t offer people around us our best. Love provides happiness, joy and purpose to our lives.

Adventure is the second foundation central to happiness. This doesn’t mean living extreme; it just means being willing to take risks, open to new possibilities, and welcoming new discoveries.

Your Significance

At the peak of the seven foundations of the Happiness Blog is significance. Our lives become meaningful as we pursue significance. This means we prioritize the things we feel are most important and dedicate your effort, time and work to things that provide meaning.

Would you like to learn more about these seven foundations? Visit this website for more information.

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