Talking With a Dermatologist Fairfax County VA About Your Acne

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Dentist

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Acne is a natural fact of life, caused by a variety of processes in our body. Usually very treatable, acne is something most of us have dealt with at one point or another. But what happens when you’ve tried everything you can on your own, and the acne still won’t go away? It’s at this point that many people seek out a Dermatologist Fairfax County VA.

There are many acne treatments that you can only get from a doctor. These range in nature, and the right one depends on what is causing your acne, how bad your acne is, how long it has been a problem, and various other factors. Your dermatologist will look at all of these factors, and choose the treatment or treatments that are most likely to get your acne under control. Let’s take a look at some of the options he or she might suggest:

Prescription oral medications
Prescription topical medications
Dietary changes
Laser acne therapy
Chemical peels

Depending on the dermatologist, he or she might also suggest alternative medicine treatments. For example, he or she might also suggest things like acupuncture or internal cleansing. These alternative treatments may or may not be effective; your dermatologist can give you more information if you are interested.

At your first appointment, your Dermatologist Fairfax County VA will do an exam and talk with you about your medical and family history. He or she will also talk with you about what you’ve tried in the past, and how effective these things have been (if at all). From there, he or she will come up with a treatment plan. Depending on the plan, you’ll receive prescriptions for any oral or topical medications, and schedule any procedures that need done.

It’s important to carefully follow the treatment plan your dermatologist creates for you, otherwise he or she can’t tell if it is working. If nothing seems to be changing after a few weeks, you and your dermatologist can work together to create a new plan. And of course, if you have any problems or concerns, it’s important to talk with your dermatologist immediately.

At Tamjidi Skin Institute, our goal is to keep your skin looking its best. We offer complete skin care solutions for our clients in Fairfax County, VA, Chevy Chase, MD, and the nearby areas.

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